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Do you have the instinct to thrive?

Every living being experiences chaos and crisis. This is part of the evolutionary cycle. Humanity now has the opportunity to emerge from crisis and evolve into a thriving species, living the way we are meant to in a cooperative and interconnected existence.

How? There are 12 essential attributes that all successful living systems have used to emerge from crisis. They're baked into our potential, but the sooner we activate and begin to practice them, the better for everyone. 

We've adapted these attributes into a framework of 12 Natural Skills. They're intuitive and easy to learn and apply. And we're sharing them free. 

Are you ready to join the evolution?​

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Unleashing these 12 Natural Skills is simpler than you think. Since the beginning of time, every living entity on the planet has used them to survive chaos and begin to thrive.


You can study these skills in academic papers, science books, and biology classes. Or you can take five minutes a day and learn to apply them the easy way. 

Every few days, we’ll send you an email highlighting one of the skills and give you a simple activity that will fit naturally into your daily life. You can practice the skills without doing anything out of the ordinary.  


The first lesson is as easy as making one simple change to what you do when you wash your hands. 


Since you're washing them anyway, why not try the first lesson right now? 

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self creative 
self reflexive
self regulating

Every few days  we'll send you an email with an overview of one of the skills and a simple activity so you can apply it in your daily life.

It's free and takes less than five minutes.

We guard your privacy.*

The 12 Natural Skills

Simple Daily Practices to Unleash Your Evolutionary Potential

There's no doubt that there will be great sacrifices and tragedy in the coming months. It will touch us all in some way. We have to attend to being as safe and well as possible. But there's much more that we can do.

Right now, millions of people around the world are sheltering in place, and we're doing something unprecedented in history -- we're all sustaining intense focus on one thing at the same moment in time. Consider the power of that. Millions of people with their full attention on a single issue. 

Rather than retreating into fear of what might happen, let's expand our capacity for compassion and begin to live aware of our interconnected web of life. 

Imagine what might happen if we could turn the power of these moments into learning a better way to be human together. 

The 12 Natural Skills

Simple Daily Practices
to Unleash Your
Evolutionary Potential

4evlutn provides leadership and tools to help individuals, organizations, and businesses evolve and thrive.


We collaborate with world-renowned evolution biologist, Elisabet Sahtouris, to develop and apply the 12 Natural Skills of Healthy Living Systems.

To learn about our services or suggest a collaboration, contact us


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