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We believe in humanity.

Feeling safe is fundamental to being able to grow and thrive. 


Being Black in the United States has not been safe. Our culture has systemic, pervasive, and invasive problems that the black community, and other indigenous and people of color, have been struggling with literally for centuries.


4evlutn unequivocally stands for anti-racism. We are deeply committed to learning how to actively  dismantle the structures of privilege and oppression in all we do. Black lives matter. 

Every human is an individual autonomous being with personally-lived experience. But our humanity makes us an interconnected whole with our diverse needs and hopes intimately interwoven. The future of our species depends on the well being of all of us together. 


Our species cannot thrive until we empower the disenfranchised among us. Only then, can we all rise up to our full potential to live in peace and balance together. 

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