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4evlutn founder, Valerie Vandermeer, is a teacher, writer, and whisperer of human potential. 

With thirty years of business experience balanced by equal immersion in our human capacity to grow, heal and flourish, she brings a uniquely grounded perspective on how we can learn to thrive.

In the early '00's, Valerie met a world-renowned evolution biologist and futurist, Elisabet Sahtouris, and began to learn about a set of features that all species must master to survive. 

My conversations with Elisabet fascinated me. They sparked connections with ideas I had developed working with social enterprise and the concept of business doing good. Eventually I designed a framework for unleashing evolutionary potential — The 12 Natural Skills — that has become my passion and the foundation for most of my work. 

Valerie transformed that set of features into practical skills that anyone can learn and apply. She founded 4evlutn and The Center for Corporate Evolution to share The 12 Natural Skills and train people and businesses in their use. 

I'm not a scientist, so I was able to listen to the story of humanity and understand the evolutionary phase we are at right now from a deeply personal and practical perspective. It seemed like suddenly life was an open-book test and I had the answers handed to me! I wanted everyone to have this information in a simple way that could make sense to anyone.

Valerie has been a speaker, author, trainer, and well being educator and presents on a variety of topics. Learn more at LinkedIn.

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A dynamic-hearted teacher and wisdom leader.

Exemplary ability to lead, teach, and mentor others.

Brings out the brilliance in everyone and everything she touches.

speaking virtually

Valerie is available for virtual speaking engagements, panel discussions, and trainings. She is currently focused on sharing the story of how meeting Elisabet changed her notions of what might be possible for humanity and how The 12 Skills can realign us with our true nature and bring us back from the brink of self-destruction to create a world in which we can thrive. She can also speak on a number of related subjects as requested including the evolution of business and social enterprise.

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Unleash Your Evolutionary Potential

Valerie talks about how it's time for humanity to grow up and start learning how to take care of ourselves. She shares the 12 Skills that nature has designed for us to evolve and tells us the single most important thing we can begin practicing right away to not only save our species, but actually unleash our potential to thrive.

A Better Way to Lose Your Mind

After she smacked her head with a bike rack, Valerie was incapacitated for a nearly a year and continued to be challenged by simple mental tasks like telling time or following directions for years. Discover what she learned when she "lost her mind" and how choosing to lose a little bit of yours could be a very good thing..

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