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Coaching to Unleash Your Evolutionary Capacity

Humans weren't designed to just survive. Why do so many of us get trapped in cycles of crisis and struggle when it's actually built into our nature to evolve and thrive?


Nobody ever told us we were meant to thrive! It's not built into our education, cultural beliefs, or corporate notions. Yet nature has provided us a time-tested, proven blueprint for living species to emerge from crisis and thrive.


The same 12 skills that have pulled countless species out of crisis and into a cooperative, harmonic, and purposeful existence can help you, too. 

4evlutn coaching deploys the 12 Natural Skills framework to activate your evolutionary capacity to thrive.

All 12 skills are simple and useful. You're probably already good at some of them. Building more mastery and developing the ones you aren't good at can unleash vast potential to change your life. 

Coaching Based on the Skills You Need to Thrive

I'll share simple techniques to help you break free of draining thought-circuits that drive you toward “crisis-based” thinking and choices. Together we’ll create new off-ramps from the neuro-highways that keep you trapped in old patterns and often block access to your deeper ideology and values. 


With the freedom to reframe and realign your goals and visions, you can be  purposeful, happy and successful in whatever you choose to do. And when you anchor deeply to the truth of who you are and express it with care and balance, you amplify your impact on your relationships, career, and community. 


Your goal is not just survival. It's time to unleash your capacity to thrive.

Coaching with 4evlutn Founder Valerie Vandermeer

Helping people access and unleash their potential makes me happy. Again and again, I've watched people blossom when they realize their innate magnificent nature and begin to access their capacity for change. I've coached people at all stages of life and career using approaches grounded in human potential and somatic awareness training. The evolutionary framework I've developed now brings that work to the edge of conscious co-creation and evolutionary potential. I'm excited to share it with you!

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